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Change Email Settings

One of the most common complaints we get from users is that sends out too many emails. The irony is that in most of the time, we are not actually responsible. In about 75% of the cases, the person filing the complaint doesn't actually have an account with us.

The reason for this is that the person has subscribed to several freecycling groups, of which is usually one of them. They then get inundated with emails regarding free stuff up for freecycle. The confusion is understandable as we all often service the same areas and have similar missions. The problem is that we are distinct organizations with distinct systems and run by entirely different groups of people. Also, our email policies are often VERY different.

FreeMesa Email Policy only sends out ONE email per night containing a consolidated list of offers and requests in your area. We send it from the email address, and you should see the FreeMesa logo in this email. Also, we periodically send out 'You Have a New Message' emails when other users send you a message, and this comes from The key thing to look out for is that the emails you're upset about are in fact sent by us, and have an '' in the return address.

If the emails you are getting are NOT from us, then we are not responsible for the inundation you may be getting. However, whoever IS sending them is required by law to include instructions on how to remove your email from their list, and this is generally included at the bottom of the email.

All of that said, if you want to adjust the emails we are sending you, the instructions on how to do it are below:

Step 1: Getting to the right page

First, log into your account, and then go to your home page by clicking 'My Page' in the top left tool bar. Once there, click on 'Change Message Settings' in the center of the page.

changing location

Figure 1: Click the link 'Change Message Settings'

Step 2: Change Settings

This is the page where you can change your account settings. Scroll down to the email section, then adjust the notifications you would like to receive. Once finished, then click 'Change Email Settings' and you're Done!

changing location

Figure 2: Adjust the settings, then click 'Change Email Settings' - Done!!

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