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How to change your email address on FreeMesa

If you need to update your account so all those great emails with those wonderful items up for freecycle and requests for free stuff are going to the right place, this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Log in

You will need to log in to your account and go to your main page. On the top tool bar you will need to click the link called 'Settings'

FreeMesa account home page

Figure 1: Your main page. Click 'Settings' on the top tool bar.

Step 2: Alter Account Settings

This is the page where you can edit and update your profile. You will want to click the link 'Change Settings/Delete Account'

Settings page part 1

Figure 2: Your Settings Page. Click 'Change Settings/Delete Account'

Step 3:

This is the page with your account settings on it. You will want to scroll down to the bottom and click 'Change My Email Address'

Figure 3: Your settings page. Scroll down and click 'Change My Email Address'

Step 4: Update your email!

This is the page where you can update your email. You should see the email where we are currently sending your mail and the two places to enter and confirm your new email address. You're Done! When you enter your new address here, we'll be sending you all those great emails filled with free stuff up for free cycle within 24 hours.

Figure 4: Change Email.

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