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Changing Location uses a global database of postal codes, neighborhoods and locations to calculate which offers and requests are local to you and what you should see.

The database is usually very good and generally quite accurate. Unfortunately, it isn't perfect. While we do our best to keep this database up to date, sometimes the updates are delayed or in some instances the data is just plain wrong.

If you don't see your city listed under your postal code, don't panic. There is a good chance your city or town is listed under a different, nearby postal code. You should try entering some nearby codes to see if it comes up. This usually does the trick.

If you have your correct location into the system but the offers you see are from physically distant locations there are a few ways to fix this issue. The first is to reduce your radius to a more local level, as this may filter out some of more distant notifications. Postal codes represent a substantial land area, and the geographic point of latitude and longitude must be picked from somewhere within - usually this point is pulled from the most populated area of the postal code, not necessarily the center of it. So this point may not actually be close to your actual location. Likewise, a distant postal code could artificially appear closer than expected for the same reason. Reducing your radius help limits this distortion.

Now, in the rare case that the data is just plain wrong and no amount of radius tweaking will help, there is another option. You can select a postal code that is nearby to your home but not the exact code you live in. This should only add a few kilometers to the estimated distance of offers and requests and with a limited radius should still only show offers relevant to your interests.

That said, changing your settings is actually quite easy. The guide below will show you how.

Step 1: Getting to the right page

You need to log in to your account, and on your home page find the section with the recent offers and requests in your area. Just below the header you should find a link 'Click here to change these settings'. Click this link.

changing location

Figure 1: Click the link 'Click here to change these settings'

Step 2: Your location

This is the current information we have on your loaction. Update this with your new details, and then click 'Change Location'.

changing location

Figure 2: Enter your new details and click 'Change Location'

Step 3: Verifying

If everything went well, the words 'Distance Changed' should appear, and your new details should be in the fields in the form. Click 'My Page' in the top left tool bar to return to your home page.

changing location

Figure 3: the changes have been made.

Step 4: Verifying part II

You can see the new location has been updated, and the items shown now reflect this change. You're Done!

changing location

Figure 4: Your home page and emails are now up to date!

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