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How to Create a Freecycle Group on FreeMesa

If you want to create a freecycling group or list a charity on FreeMesa, we have you covered! With these simple steps, we will show you how to create your own freecycle group and list charity requests for free stuff in no time flat!

Step 1

Log into FreeMesa, and go to your home page. From here, you should see a link 'Groups' in the top tool bar. Click this link.

freecycling home page on FreeMesa

Figure 1: Your account home page. Click the 'Groups' link on the top of the page.

Step 2: Create a New Group

The 'Groups' link takes you to your freecycle groups page. This page will show all of the groups that you currently belong to. In the figure below, you can see that the user belongs to the HamRadio freecycling group.

Since the group we wish to create will be a charity that specializes in animal care, we will need to create a new group. To do so, click the 'Create a New Group' link at the top of the page.

form to create a freecycle group

Figure 2: The My Groups page. Click 'Create a New Group' to continue.

Step 3: Group Details

This is the page where you fill in information specific to your group. If you intend to use it as a private freecycling group you will want to keep the group URL short and memorable. Also make sure that you describe the Group and what you do in the introduction and 'About The Group' pages. People investigating your wish list items will see these while deciding to respond to your requests.

writing the freecycle group details

Figure 3: Entering Group Details. Fill this information out to continue.

Step 4: After Group Creation

If all has gone well, your group has been created. Click the 'Click Here to visit your group' link.

freecycle group has been created

Figure 4: Click the 'Click Here to visit your group' link.

Step 5: Getting to the right page.

When you click the link you will be taken to the group's default forum. If you are creating your own private group, this is where all your group's private posts will appear. To post wish list items, Click 'Group Main Page'

go to the freecycle group's main page

Figure 5: Click Group Main Page

Step 6: Getting to the right page II

Click the 'Wish List' link on the left hand tool bar.

click on the 'wish list' link in the freecycle group's left tool bar

Figure 6: Click the 'Wish List' link in the left tool bar.

Step 7: Entering Contact Details

This is the page where you request items and list who the point of contact is. This information IS public, so make sure you want people calling this phone number and visiting this street address.

A minor caveat with this page - each section is updated independent of the other sections, so you will want to update each section individually before moving on to the next or you may lose your updates.

Specifically - enter your contact information and click 'Update Address' before continuing.

enter the details for the freecycle contact

Figure 7: Enter contact information and click 'Update Address'

Step 8: Wish list items

The description that is listed here will be listed next to the actual wish list item when the user clicks for more details. You should include information about your charity, what you do, and possibly why you need the items. When you are done, click 'Update Description'

After you have entered your description and updated it, enter your wish list items separated by a comma - ',' - as shown below. When you are done, click 'Update Group Wish List'

the requested freecycle items should go in the wish list field

Figure 8: After entering each section, click Update.

Step 9: Validate the free stuff request appears on the wish list

To get back to the charity search page click on 'My Page' on the top left, and then from your home page, click 'Charities' in the top tool bar.

From here, run a search in your local neighborhood leaving the search bar blank. All requests in your neighborhood should appear.

You can see the requested items now appear in the search. You are done!

validate that the wish list items appear

Figure 9:Validating that the wish list items appear.

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