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How to remove yourself from a group on FreeMesa

If you no longer wish to freecycle your free stuff on a private freecycling group on FreeMesa, this is how you can remove yourself from a group. Keep in mind however, that this will only remove you from the group, and your account on FreeMesa itself will remain active. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Log in

You will need to log in to your account and go to your main page. On the top tool bar you will need to click the link called 'Settings'

FreeMesa account home page

Figure 1: Your main page. Click 'Settings' on the top tool bar.

Step 2: Alter Account Settings

This is the page where you can edit and update your profile. You will want to click the link 'Change Settings/Delete Account'

Settings page part 1

Figure 2: Your Settings Page. Click 'Change Settings/Delete Account'

Step 3:

This is the page with your account settings on it. You will want to scroll down to the bottom, find the group you want to remove yourself from, select it, and click 'Remove Me From Group'

freecycle group Selection

Figure 3: Your settings page. Scroll down and click 'Remove Me From Group'

Step 4: Done!

If you were properly removed from the group, this is the page you should see. You will still get the emails with free stuff up for freecycle in them from FreeMesa proper, but you should stop getting group emails.

freecycle group removal

Figure 4: Group Removed.

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