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Freecycling Etiquette on FreeMesa

  1. The free stuff must be legal, safe, and family friendly. Drugs, alcohol, adult themed content, and weapons are not allowed.
  2. The whole idea behind freecycling stuff is that it is free. If getting something entirely for free makes you uncomfortable, do not offer money for the items to the freecycler. Rather, freecycle stuff of your own. Chances are there are some things you are no longer using that could help other people, and giving them away costs you nothing. This pays the good deed forward, and in the grand karmic balance, you're even.
  3. When placing an offer to be freecycled, or requesting an item, keep the message short and to the point. Long messages about why you need a particular item (sob stories) are generally not welcome.
  4. When you post an item, make sure you fully describe the item to be freecycled, and if at all possible, post photos. An unclear description may create some confusion on the recipient's part, causing confusion and a possible refusal to take the item. If the items are described fully, this can all be avoided, and a positive experience for all will result.
  5. When posting an offer or a request, do not discuss religion, politics or any other topic aside from offering or requesting the item. If you want to discuss non-freecycling topics, please do so in the Forums.
  6. You can post a curb alert when someone has placed something out for a garbage collector, but it would make a great item to be freecycled. You can post about items you have randomly spotted, but if at all possible, please do not list the address but a general location in the post. Only send the exact address it to people responding to your message. This will prevent a rush of people to the anonymous giver's location, and a lot of unhappy freecyclers.
  7. Posts regarding pets are allowed, however, not for breeding. If you need to find a new home for your animals, listing them is ok.
  8. When posting an offer, it is up to you regarding which response receives the item. You can select the first response, or whichever response you choose. The choice is yours. 
  9. While stuff up to freecycle is a great thing to do and giving away free stuff helps a lot of people, remember these are strangers coming over to your house. You can check out their profiles online to get an idea of who is coming over, and most members are decent people. However, participate at your own risk. Like any other activity on the Internet, safety must be your first priority.

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