Freecycling stuff from the community, to the community. All for free.
Freecycle in your area and find the free stuff that you need!

FreeMesa Rules

  • All stuff listed should be free with no strings attached.
  • Items must be legal to give away.
  • No requests for money.
  • No bartering or trading of items.
  • No coupons.
  • No prescription medications, weapons, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Spam will get you banned. No personal attacks or rudeness will be allowed, nor will proselytizing or religion. Please show respect to the other members on the site. The purpose of this site is to help build stronger communities, and improve the lives of people everywhere. Rude and antisocial behaviour is simply not called for, and will not be tolerated.
  • Please include an approximate location in your offer. When posting an item to be free recycled, try to list this in both the subject and message body. Subj: Bike (downtown). "I've got a bike and live downtown. Near the corner of Smith and Jones."
  • Please do not request the same item more than once a month.
  • No sob stories. When requesting an item in the forum, all you need to state is what the item you want is, and perhaps some information on its specifications. Stating why you *need* the item will create an environment where some users may feel uncomfortable in requesting items, and that is against our philosophy. Our goal is to create a friendly giving community; not to force people to beg for items or instil guilt for requesting items. This does not help us in our mission.
  • Arrange pickup with only one person. This prevents hordes of unhappy free recyclers coming to your house looking for the free stuff that has already been taken. Also, you should only give out your contact information on a person by person basis. If you post it in the offer your phone may ring rather frequently.
  • No "Come and Get 'ems". You cannot post that the item is at 143 Smith Street. This can result in conflict over the Item, as well as posting for Items that do not belong to the poster, such as a neighbor's belongings.
  • It is up to each member to be aware of the safety risks. There is a danger of havling a stranger come to your home, and FreeMesa as a bulletin board assumes no responsibility for this risk. You may wish to arrange to meet in a public place or leave the item on the front porch without mentioning whether or not you will be home at the time of pickup.
  • If you intend to resell the free stuff being offered, you should be upfront and let the members know.
  • Do not attempt to free recycle stuff that does not belong to you.
  • Do not contact members in order to sell them something. This is uncool and WILL result in being banned.
  • When you have arranged a time to pick an item up, please show up on time, and please be courteous. You are receiving a gift from them, and they ask nothing in return but for punctuality and politeness.
  • Do not give stuff already promised to one member to another. This is also uncool. Please treat the other members with consideration.
  • Posts offering or requesting animals for breeding are not allowed. These tend to create more problems than they are worth. Also, if you would like a pet, please check out There are many animals there looking for a good home.
  • Music, videos, books, software, and other copyrighted works must be the original item, and not a copy. Also, it must not be still used by the previous owner. If the item is software it cannot have been used to get an upgrade, and must meet the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) for transfer of ownership.
  • If you have received the stuff you are looking for, or free recycled the items you are gifting, please remove the offer or request from the message board.

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