Freecycling stuff from the community, to the community. All for free.
Freecycle in your area and find the free stuff that you need!

How to Freecycle on FreeMesa:

To freecycle something is the act of giving a gift. It is to give away for free some stuff that you no longer need to a person who could use it, for free. What the item is, exactly, can vary dramatically. From children's clothing, couches, chairs, bikes, and toys to kitchen sinks (literally), many things can easily outlive their usefulness. They cost a lot of money to buy new, but are hard to sell used, and a hassle to just throw away.

This is where freecycling them on FreeMesa comes in. Many things are now finding a new, useful life with new owners after being posted and freecycled, while avoiding the landfill for another day. Every day people are connecting with their neighbors and helping out their local communities. Participating is very simple, and can be done by following the four steps below:

  1. Create an account on FreeMesa, and enter your correct postal code. Using this, FreeMesa will be able to connect you to other people living near you so you can easily freecycle stuff and find the free stuff you need in your area. Each day FreeMesa will send out an email with all of the new free stuff that is available in your local area.
  2. There are two kinds of posts:
  3. 3. When looking for new stuff, check to see if someone in your neighborhood is trying to give it away for free before you buy it new. Likewise, when cleaning your house, try posting an offer for the stuff you no longer need to see if anyone could use it before throwing it out. Paying rent is expensive, and using up your space to warehouse stuff you don't need or use is just silly.
  4. 4. Reciprocation! One of the best ways to get other people to offer more free stuff in your area is to give stuff away yourself. Members see these other offers and are more eager to give to their local communities when they see their community is eager to give back to them. When a member gets an email with an offer in it, they are 3 times more likely to create an offer of their own vs an email with a request.

You're ready to Free Recycle! Its fun, easy, and a great way to help save the Earth!

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