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Setting up your profile

It's always nice to be able to introduce yourself to someone, and your profile sets up a very easy way to do just that. Also, since you will be giving and receiving items from people, and often this includes strangers inviting you to their home, letting them get to know you a little better makes that a much more comfortable thing to do!

Step 1

Log into your account, and click on 'Edit Profile' on your home page.

posting an offer

Figure 1 - Your home page. Click 'Edit Profile'

Step 2 - Upload Photo

This takes you to the Edit Profile page. Here you enter the information that will appear on your profile page, however, not just yet. First we are going to upload a photo. Click 'Upload/Change Photo'.

posting an offer

Figure 2 - Edit Profile page. Click 'Upload/Change Photo'

Step 3 - Select Image

This is the upload photo page. Click 'Choose File' and browse to the image you would like to use for your profile, and click Upload Picture when you're done. The image needs to be less than 2MB in size.

posting an offer

Figure 3 - the upload image page. Browse to your desired image and click 'Upload Picture'

Step 4 - Return to Edit Settings

After the photo uploads, it takes you back to your home page, which should now look similar to the figure below. Click on Edit Profile one more time.

posting an offer

Figure 4 - Your new home page. Click 'Edit Profile'

Step 5 - Enter Profile Information

Now you should enter a brief introduction about yourself into the profile page. When you are done, scroll all the way down and click 'Submit'

posting an offer

Figure 5 - After you're done filling out the profile, click 'Submit'

Step 6 - Done!

This takes you to your new profile page! This is your profile how other members will see it. Every time you post an offer/request or send a message, they will see your photo, and be able to click through to visit your profile. So now they can see a little bit about you and get to know you better. You're done! :)

posting an offer

Figure 6 - This is your profile as other people will see it.

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