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How to Freecycle something or find Free Stuff on

When you want to freecycle something you've got lying around, don't worry, we have you covered! Putting an item up to be freecycled is a snap. By following the steps below you can have your item listed in no time!

Step 1: Getting to the right page

Log in to FreeMesa and from your main home page click "Post Offer/Request" on the left hand tool bar.

Figure 1 shows what your main screen should look like after you have logged in. You can see your profile picture, items in your local area, and on the tool bar on the left hand side, you should be able to see at the top of the list in bold "Post Offer/Request". Click this link

posting an offer

Figure 1: Your main page. Click "Post Offer/Request" in the left hand tool bar.

Step 2: Filling out basic information

When creating a freecycle post, it is important to be specific about what exactly you are giving away. You should describe the item in detail, and make sure that you select 'Offer' in the drop down if you are offering an item up to be free recycled, or 'Request' if you are requesting some free stuff.

The subject of the post should provide a good idea of what is in the body. This is what the other members will see *first* when they get the email about the items being freecycled. So it should be descriptive enough to spark interest and get them to click through.

Your body description should convey an idea of the actual condition of the item(s) you are freecycling, and if you have pictures, great!

It is important that the other members understand what they would be receiving from you. This prevents confusion when they come by to pick up the free stuff, possible rejection of the item, and a negative experience for all concerned. When you are done describing the post, scroll down.

posting an offer

Figure 2: The form to create your freecycle post or request for free stuff.

Step 3: Adding photos to a freecycle post

You can add up to 3 photos to each freecycle post on FreeMesa. However, it is important to note that the images must be less than 1 MB in size to be hosted. If you have images that are too large, you can shrink or crop them in just about any photo editing program very easily. There is a link on the page that pops up a list of free programs that do this very well.

posting an offer

Figure 3: The upload photo screen.

Step 4: Finalize the freecycle post

After you have uploaded the photos, you need to check the boxes indicating that the post must be free and that it is family friendly. Check it over one final time.

It is a good idea to avoid putting email addresses, phone numbers, or actual street addresses in the post itself. This prevents your phone from ringing at all hours of the day, hordes of people showing up at your house, and spammer bots crawling the web from finding your email (and spamming you without end).

Generally, it is best to let the other members message you, and only arrange pickup directly with one of them. This way you know that Person A will becoming by at 3pm on a given day, and if they cancel or fall off the earth, you can arrange with person B so you are only dealing with one person on the phone at a time. This works better than posting an address and having Person A come and take the item, and Persons B-Z showing up, knocking on your door, and leaving very frustrated when they walk away with nothing.

Anyway, all that aside, if the post looks good, click Create Post! And you are DONE! An email will go out to all the FreeMesa members in your area with a link to your post, and your item up for freecycle is well on its way to a new home! :)

posting an offer

Figure 4: After you click 'Create Post' you will see the final product! You're done!

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